Trial-sized Tuesday

Tis the season for that yellow snow!

Spring is officially here, the weather is warmer, the sun is staying up later, and the flowers are popping up everywhere. Of course this also means pollen and spring cleaning, which really means allergies. I have terrible problems with my sinuses, thanks Mom & Dad. But I also have my own issues with allergies that I battle with my Claritin Tabs. Between pollen blowing in from the open windows and the dust getting blown around from cleaning this is usually the worst time of year for me. It should be full of joy with the new birth around us. Since switching to Claritin from Zyrtec, I’m more awake and ready to take on the world. Which is why when my asthmatic child has shown the same symptoms that I normal show this time of year I knew just what she needed. 

I am a BzzAgent, and just at the right time I was invited to try Children’s Claritin. They sent me a sample of not only the liquid grape Claritin, but also a box of Children’s bubblegum flavored chewables! My baby girl loves anything that is bubblegum flavored, and she loves her bubblegum flavored Claritin! She has told me that she prefers the bubblegum flavor over the grape, but the grape “isn’t bad.” All in all it’s been a great success! Not only does it keep her allergies in check, but it also helps to keeps her asthma in check! This was definitely a winner and we will stick with it.

I know not just my kiddo suffers from allergies. So I have EIGHT – $3 off coupons for the first eight people who comment about their favorite thing to do in the spring. Then I will send out the coupon, as simple as that! I can’t wait to get out in the yard and plant some beautiful flowers.

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